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Can’t remove or re-add a cPanel addon or parked domain?

Sometimes you may find that a domain just won’t go away from cPanel. You may be trying to simply remove an addon domain or a parked domain, or you may be trying to re-add a domain that was at some … Continue reading

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Download a backup over 2GB through cPanel instead of Apache.

Apache/FTP in some configurations can’t serve files that are over 2GB. This has been largely corrected on most HEL/CentOS cPanel servers, but there are legacy exceptions. There is a way to get such a large file via a cPanel function. … Continue reading

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Secondary Exim Port for cPanel and WHM.

Some ISPs block outbound connections to servers on port 25 for SMTP. This is becoming less common, but still occurs on smaller or foreign ISPs. The reason they block this port is to prevent compromised client computers, especially botnets, from … Continue reading

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See logged in users on CISCO IOS and disconnect them.

So you may want to see who else is accessing the switch or router that you’re on. Sometimes this is because you get a write error when trying to save the running config. The error would be something like: This … Continue reading

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Disable ModSecurity For Single Vhost

Some times you may find that a script trips a ModSecurity rule, but the rule is useful for general security on the box. If it’s your own site, it’s easy enough to change the code. However if it’s a customer’s … Continue reading

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Kill All Sleeping MySQL Connections

Sometimes you may find that your server has a ton of MySQL connections with their state set to “Sleep” This will clear out those connections. You will need to look at your MySQL config and see how long you’re allowing … Continue reading

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CentOS 6 Yum-Cron Automatic Updates

Some of us prefer the yum-cron method of automatic updates. CentOS 6 shipped out with a daemonized updater that may not suit your particular needs. Here is the proper procedure for switching over to yum-cron: You should then run a … Continue reading

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VLC 2.0.1 Vulnerability

There is a new vulnerability in VLC as of 04/19/2012. It’s a denial of service division by zero exploit. The affected versions of software are VLC 2.0.1. The division by zero vulnerability is experienced when handling MP4 files. The following … Continue reading

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WHM Not Showing Disk Usage Under List Accounts

Did you login as root to your WHM and see that the List Accounts page does not show you your user’s disk usage. It may show the usage is 0 or unlimited. You need to initialize quotas! First you need … Continue reading

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Remote Processor Buffer Overflow: Snort 2.6.1, 2.7 Beta 1, SourceFire IDS 4.1, 4.5 and 4.6.

As of 04/09/2012 there is a remote processor buffer overflow alert/concept for the following software: Snort: 2.6.1, 2.7 Beta 1 SourceFire IDS: 4.1, 4.5 and 4.6

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